The whole look of the saree is completed with a matching blouse and accessories. The Indian blouse designs have undergone many changes. It is mostly observed that Indian women give a huge preference to the look and feel of blouse because it is the saree blouse which shapes the overall look of the complete ensemble. The market is flooded with ready made blouses which you can match up with your saree. India has various range of textile, where each province has its special and unique costumes. Indian fashion is vivacious, cheerful, evergreen having the simplicity and tradition. In this ever-changing world, each is always striving best to succeed in their means in different fields fashion lead the league. Starting from the traditional ancient days to the modern world fashion and progress in fashion has created wonders. Of all the avatar in the fashion, world saris stand upright and lead the league of fashion. Saris and blouse designs in India are of various forms, materials, and even worn in the variety of ways. Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, South Indian. these are all the style that India has. Thus we remember India as “a land of unity in diversities. Even regarding genre sari styling also differs, starting from Mumtaz style to the modern style.

The most interesting thing about a sari is that of the saree blouse or choli. There are different types of saree blouse patterns. The variety may be listed as designer blouses, halter neck blouses, long sleeves, photo sleeves, boat cut, spaghetti blouse and much more. Saree blouse is the best part of the whole traditional attire. The saree looks incomplete without the proper blouse design and fittings. The personification of elegance is kept alive with the blouse design, keeping in mind the tradition of the country we live. Hope, you will instantly fell in love with these net blouse patterns for sarees and now your dilemma of getting the right blouse can be over for your saree.

Designer Blouses are made to order to provide to the individual needs of a client. These custom made designer blouses can be done in a range of colors, varying from pastels to brighter tones and soft to darker tones. Fabrics like cotton, silk, satin, georgette, crepe, etc. are excellent options for a designer blouse. Designer blouses have diverse neck designs, and these are usually embellished with stones, are sequins, beads, kundan, crystals, embroideries of different kinds, etc. All women only love to wear sarees! Whether she is a house wife or a busy professional, every woman wants to look slim and tall wearing an Indian saree. Here we added top blouse designs images for silk sarees, click on the image to view in full size.

The stylish designer blouses are the halter neck, tube choli, bias cut, backless choli, tie-ups, little wide neck, Spaghetti, single shoulder, high choli, bustier, stringed back to name some. Different styles of designer blouses are as follows –

Halter Neck Blouse – A halter neck blouse has many variants. It can be a tie up or it can be stitched. You can effortlessly experiment with neck designs to exhibit your neck and back.

Tube Choli Blouse – Tube choli is one with no shoulders and is worn almost fitted. It can be a bustier just casing the bust, or it can be of waist length. It can be of any color or fabric.

Spaghetti Style Blouse – A Spaghetti style of designer blouse is for the woman who is daring and audacious. This blouse can have noodle slim straps or just smooth strings. This blouse is a definite turn on.

Bias Cut Style Blouse – Bias cut is a fashion if you wish to appear svelte. The design, when taken from the neck to the waist cut, makes your upper body, as well as your waist, come out slimmer.

Tie Ups Style Blouse – Tie-ups is ultimate if you want to make a style statement. With no button or zip this choli has lengthy straps that are tied in a knot at the lower back. They hide as much as they disclose.

Low Wide Neck Style Blouse – Low broad necked is a design of waist length fixed with a side cut and low, wide neck. This design is for the woman who wants to look regal.

Single Shoulder Style Blouse – Single shoulder is a blouse with just one shoulder strap or sleeve, letting the other shoulder bare. This can be either a high waisted bustier type or it can be a plain design with front buttoning.

Backless Choli Style Blouse – Backless Choli is for the women who want to look sizzling. A sure heart beat stopper; it leaves the back bare with a tiny tie up. With a very slim strip at back, it makes the outfit sexier.

Stringed Back Style Blouse – Stringed back style of designer blouse as the name hints is one with strings or tie – ups of diverse shapes, sizes, and fabrics. Stringed back give the sexiest appearance to saree.

High Choli Style Blouse – High choli style ends at the upper waist. This fashion is for the one who want to display the stomach and naval. A revealing neckline makes it look even better.

Bustier Designer Blouse – Bustier designer blouse supports the bust all the way to the mid waist. Its extent can fluctuate but, it looks finest when it ends just above the naval. This fashion can be worn with sleeves or without sleeves as well.

Blouse Designs 2016

A stylish saree blouse can add a different style for you and Fashion designers have given blouse a very different touch to make them more appealing and beautiful. Saree blouse has been the traditional attire of the Indian females. A garment can be worn in many styles and ways. The real charm of the sari comes out with stylish blouses necklines. Stylish blouses can make even a simple chiffon sari look glamorous and make you feel beautiful. Back Neck blouse pattern are noticed by everyone at the very first glance. It’s your time to rock the season with these stylish back neck blouse designs. Below we added selected blouse neck design; you can view the full image of the blouse neck designs by clicking on it.